You Are That (.org)

In the autumn of 2023 I discovered to my horror that a website I built (on FrontPage--remember that?) back in 2009 was gone.

Not just gone, but the domain name had been resold, apparently to a Thai insurance agency. So I began the long, slow, joyful-and-painful process of rebuilding (most of) its pages, from files on my computer and the dregs that I could glean from the Wayback Machine at

Here is a guide to those reanimated pages.

In a triumph of poor page design, every page started with this image--full sized. The visitor had to scroll down more than a full screen to get to the content! But it's snappy-looking no?

The "Vitruvian Mandala," less than half its original size

Here are the pages in more-or-less of a tree. "Reanimated" pages are linked.

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