Other Sites

 Aside from what you can find at JamesBaquet.com, I have thousands (or millions?) of words on other sites on the internet. Here's where you can find them.

Full-Fledged Sites

Substack Sites

(These are  in varying degrees of completion. Someday the content of these will be moved into existing sites and they will be taken down.)


(Sites which once were fully developed, and now defunct or abandoned)

  • Shenzhen Buzz: a community and information site for denizens of Shenzhen; soon to be resurrected on JamesBaquet.com
  • Show Us Your Buddha: A cute thing I started, but no one jumped in; will be transferred to JamesBaquet.com

Books Pages

(Most of these were barely begun, and will be folded into a "books blog" someday.)

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