The Gallery

"Inspirational Pictures" *cough*

Several times in the past I stumbled along trying to create "galleries." I have gathered the remnant here. Henceforth pictures will be integrated into the topics they portray rather than quarantined in some kind of artificial "gallery." (All links lead to posts with individual pictures. Click here to see all posts.)

The original 'You Are That Gallery" itself only had a couple of pictures. They are:

But I also had some previous galleries online, each with just a few pictures. Here they are, with their accompanying blather:

This was the kinda-cool top page of "Sacred Sights":

And where did you get that exquisite logo?

Some introductory blather to the whole megillah:

Dear Friends,

I'm sure it's no news to you: A picture is worth a thousand words. Somewhere between mere words and the experience itself, a picture can bring you closer to sharing the deepest inner encounters. I hope you will enjoy my efforts to take you where I have been.


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