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Welcome to James Baquet (.com)!

This site was started in 2009, and was completely reconceptualized in November, 2023.

Dad 'n' me, late 1950s

It now serves as a guide, not only to its original contents, but also incorporating three other well-developed sites:

The content of the original is still here, though sometimes in modified form.

My skinny high school self,
and my first boi, Josh, early 1970s

This site and the others have also absorbed materials from the now-defunct REALIZE! You Are That site, which had a wide array of my "spiritual" writings, from Indian religions to universalism to Joseph Campbell. As those materials migrate out of my hard drive and onto the site(s), I'll present a guide to finding them all.

With natives of Taos Pueblo, early 1990s

The tabs at the top of the page lead to:

  • Top: right back here
  • Books & Lit[erature]: pages meant to enlighten (and sometimes annoy)
  • Education: more nuts-and-bolts kinds of lessons
  • My Bio[graphy]: Get to know me!
  • Wisdom: teachings from and about the world's sacred and secular wisdom traditions
  • Buddhism+: chronicles of visits to hundreds of temples, mainly in Japan and China, as well as what I've learned of this practical tradition--some of it learned by hanging out with monks and other Buddhists, and some from studying for a (never-finished) PhD at a Buddhist university.
  • Places: I've been to a lot, including in the four countries I've lived in--and I've got the pictures to prove it!
  • Misc[cellany]: stuff that just doesn't fit anywhere else
  • Socials: Still want more? Check me out on a wide variety of platforms, and with varying focus (e.g. education, books and authors, temples)
NOTE: I used to think it was important to have a "Gallery" to show my photos, and a "Library" for my articles and such. I've gone integrated, placing photo albums and writings within the categories they address. You'll find them easily enough.

Anyway, that oughta keep ya busy for a while!

Me 'n' the newly-minted missus, 2007

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