Biography: All About ME!

The "old" version of the above photo, from my "old" website.

In a way, everything we do is "biographical," but these pages are pretty much nothing more than "what I did, what was done to me, where I went, who I know," etc.

  • My Bio (shorter): Written in 2009, while we still lived in China and long before our 2015 move to the Philippines.
  • My Bio (longer): Titled "Too much information?" this was also written in 2009 and gives a more complete picture--but still nothing about our life in the Philippines.
  • Posts: The bios were meant to contextualize a bunch of posts about where I went, what I did, and who I knew. nearly a dozen general posts (including one about our wedding in 2007), plus nine sets of class photos from my elementary and junior high years, attempting to identify everyone.
  • James Baquet: An early (2007) attempt to organize my stuff on the web, cleverly subtitled "Gathering up the threads of my life..."--and a dismal failure. Many of the links go to a site I recently lost; I'll update them if I ever have too much time on my hands. Otherwise, a handful of blog posts from a few months that year.
  • James's Weebly: (2008-2009) Over 20 posts (impressive, huh?), though some are dupes from other sites. General blogging with a slight spiritual bent (as is my wont), plus a (redundant) guide to my James Baquet site for people inside China that couldn't reach it.
  • My blog: (2009) Nearly four dozen posts from June to October that year, many containing recaps of recently-published materials on the JB site.
  • My Newsletter: (2009) A weekly recap (just for a few weeks, June to July) of newly-published stuff. Mainly for historical purposes now.
  • Connect and My Links (both 2009) are essentially snapshots of the internet from long ago. No MySpace, but lots of other defunct "big sites" (and a few still hanging on).
  • 4312 Rio Hondo  A site archiving professional photos from a realtors' page when we sold my mom and dad's house in 2023. Many memories.
Further (historical) blogs will be added, and maybe even integrated into one seamlessly aggregated blog.

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